Why you need to script and use a teleprompter when video blogging.

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You can’t present poor content well.

Back in 2010 Australian TV Show The Gruen Transfer proved that you really can’t  polish a turd. This was made all too clear as they presented their polished turd award for the worst ad of all time. Proudly awarded to West End beer. What they demonstrated was pretty simple – rubbish content will result in a rubbish presentation.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with trying to improve their presenting is that they only focus on the delivery stuff. You will need to work on that, and the next couple of video blogs will provide some guidance there. But, if you don’t make sure that you have good content to present, it’s going to be impossible to present well.

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Yes, you need to write a video blogging script.

There’s a range of thinking on whether or not you’ll should write a video blogging script, and to add my two cents, when you’re starting out with video blogging, you absolutely need to write scripts. Being concise and on point takes practice. Without scripting you’re going to end up with either a video that loses people because you never get to the point. Or wasting heaps of time in the edit cutting out all the stuff you don’t need. The truth is that most edits of “off the cuff” content will always end up leaving more video out of the edit than in it. We all just talk too much rubbish!

Which is why I would definitely say write a script. You’ll be concise in what you want to say. And you’ll know that you’re main message will be clear to your viewers.

Yes, you need to use a teleprompter to video blog well.

Once you understand that you need a script, then you’re going to ask whether to use a teleprompter or not. And here, my opinion is again yes. If you don’t use a teleprompter, you’re going to end up with problem one again. Like I said, we all just talk too much rubbish. So you’ll drift off script and waste a lot of time. A teleprompter means that you’re going to stay “on message” the whole video blog.

You still need to know your content.

But, just because you’ve written a script and are going to use a teleprompter doesn’t mean you don’t need to practice your content. You need to know your content. You need to have read it out loud at least twice, preferably more. Otherwise, you’re going to be focussed on what you’re reading, because you aren’t familiar with the script.  The result? You won’t be able to concentrate on all the other stuff that will improve your presentation. The better you know your content, the less you’ll be thinking about it, and the better you’ll present.

So write a good script. Read it over and over out loud so you know it. And then use a teleprompter to keep you on track. If you’re looking for how to write a good script, check out my How to write a Killer Video Blog Script video. It’s also covered in the the Present Your Business on Camera guide which you can download from below. And be sure to check out the next couple of video blogs which will give more practical advice to improve your presentation delivery.


Download the FREE Present Your Business on Camera Guide to learn more.

Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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