Video Blogging the key to engaging with your market.

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Good Marketing Understands Brand Reputation

Critical to any marketing is presenting a consistent, professional brand to your audience. You’ve invested in your logo, your website, your signage and so on to present as a professional business and stand apart from your competition. However, too often people will go down the DIY approach to online video and put videos on Youtube that don’t come across professionally to an audience.

Branded Content on YouTube is a Great Marketing Tool

Youtube is a powerful tool to add to a business’s marketing strategy. As the second most visited site on the internet (behind google) and with over 1 billion unique users every single month, when used strategically Youtube can have a significant impact on a business’s search engine results, and levels of engagement with their target market online. All of the top brands across the world are running marketing campaigns on the Youtube platform, and more and more small businesses are starting to understand the benefits as well.

Video Blogs are what People and Search Engines Want

One of the easiest ways to integrate online video into your overall marketing strategy is to start doing some video blogging. Video blogs (or Vlogs) are short, concise, informative or educational video clips that aim to share knowledge with your audience. They are not designed to sell but rather position the brand as experts in their fields, to humanise the business and add a personal approach to a more complete strategy.Video blogs are not only great for your search engine results but can also work in a number of fantastic ways to help reach your clients;

  1. Videos can humanise your brand. By putting yourself or a member of your staff in front of the camera your business becomes real to a viewer and your potential customers can connect with you and start to build trust.
  2. You become the expert. Good video blogs are not a sales pitch. Engage your audience with knowledge, information, tips and tricks; educate and inform them and position yourself as the expert in your field.
  3. Be social.An important part of your video blogging strategy is to be clever about how you distribute the content. Tap into the viral nature of social media and encourage you viewers to share, or like you video and therefore let them promote your business for you.
  4. Engage regularly. Your video blog strategy might see you releasing a new video a couple of times every week, or even once a month. Build excitement around your videos and your customers will understand that they can regularly engage with your business through each new video post.
  5. Drive traffic and increase sales. Although not directly a sales tool, your video blogs will need to have a clear call to action with every clip. Drive traffic to your website, encourage people to join your mailing list, build your audience on social media or get them to pick up the phone and just give youa call. Once your audience is engaged with you and trust has been established, the selling part can be easy!

Of course, one of the biggest barriers to video blogging for many businesses is the technical skills and know-how that is required to produce these videos effectively and professionally. So perhaps it would be more suitable in this case to consider accessing a professional video blogging studio space such as a Vlog Pod studio.

The flagship Vlog Pod is a partnership between the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast and local video production company Innovate Media. Companies can access this facility as part of their marketing strategy either in a ‘fee for service’ model, ranging from filming only to full service video production or they can subscribe to the Vlog Pod for a complete managed solution to professional video blogging on a regular basis.

Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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