How to write a Killer Video Blog Script

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Writing a great video blog script is not as easy as you might think. Trust me, you may be excellent at what you do, and can talk about your passions until the cows come home, mature and move out to their own little batch’ pad but you know that this doesn’t really make for awesome video blog content.

Your video blog needs to be engaging, you need to connect with your audience and you need to give your viewer something that they value. And… you need to do all of this in just a few minutes at the most!

Here are a few tips I’ve learnt about writing killer video blog scripts for my clients. Why not try and use some of these in your next video blog?

Hook them in. Start with a ‘cold open’, not a fancy title screen or graphic. The first thing you want your audience to see is you, the first thing you want them to hear is one concise sentence that ‘hooks’ them and gives a clear idea of the topic of the vlog. This opening should only be no more than 10 seconds, but you absolutely have to grab your viewers attention in that time.

In the bulk of your video blog follow this simple, time proven structure and keep things brief.


Your INTRO needs to do a few main things. First, identify yourself either in your script or with on screen (lower third) graphics. You then need to say something that expands on your ‘hook’ and will keep your audience watching until the end. Perhaps hint at a great tip you’ll reveal later, or a tool that worked great for you, or even a special offer that you might put forward at the end.

Next, you need to identify a PROBLEM that your viewer might have. Be honest, be yourself and don’t be afraid to relate your own experiences. By introducing a problem, you can then offer up the solution (which is the key content for your blog)

Okay, now this is the valuable part. Your SOLUTION needs to be simple, well worded and humanized. In other words, break down the concepts and jargon and explain your solution in a way that will make sense to anyone watching. The best video blogs I’ve seen cover complex concepts in a way that is fun, entertaining and easy for anyone to understand.

Then, you’ll need to SUMMARIZE in one sentence the main ‘take home’ point for this video blog. Perhaps this can be listed via on-screen text as dot points or transformed into a memorable one-liner or metaphor?

And finally, your call to action. REMEMBER, this is not a sales pitch, but rather an invitation to connect further. I strongly encourage you to invite viewers to leave a specific comment ‘below’ (and ensure you enable comments on your blog post as well as Youtube page), you should also actively promote connecting on other social media channels and perhaps even ask people to leave their email address via a signup form or squeeze page to build your list. The most important thing to remember though is they are doing this in order to get more awesome information like they did in this video – NOT directly to buy off you (that part can come later).

The ideal video blogging script is short, succinct, direct and targeted. Keep it about one element of a wider topic. Don’t try to fit too much in.

Be yourself, not someone you’re not.

And finally – happy video blogging. Also , feel free to let me know what you’re best tips for writing video blog scripts are in the comments below.

Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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