Emotional Benefits: Don’t worry, no one’s crying…

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Every business owner wants to achieve high sales and brand awareness. The best way to do so is to reach out and engage your customers, but they won’t listen if you don’t identify why they would want your services in the first place. The key is developing an emotional connection with your viewers, and to do so you have to identify your brand’s emotional benefit.

Big brands spend thousands of dollars using the traditional method of identifying their emotional benefit. They create a ‘benefits ladder’ of all key products or services their business provides and the consumer’s benefit, which leads them to the key emotional benefit. Many surveys, polls and intense customer research goes into creating these in-depth ladders.

Although, how can your small business identify its emotional benefit, without the thousands of dollars? – One simple question:

Assume you run a business called “Suit Up”. Suit Up offers the best and most fashionable suits on the market, using a very high thread count and thread made in Persia. A conversation with a customer to understand your benefit ladder might look like this:

You: Why do you buy clothing from Suit Up? Customer: Because it has the highest quality threads on the market
You: Why is that important to you? Customer: Because it won’t succumb to wear and tear and will last a long time
You: Why is that important? Customer: Because I won’t have to buy lots of expensive suits all the time.
You: Why is it important that you don’t buy lots of expensive suits? Customer: Because I don’t want to waste my money away
You: Why is it important that you don’t waste your money? Customer: Because I work hard for my money
You: Why do you work hard for your money? Customer: Because I want to be successful

By simply asking “Why?” you just figured out that your core customer’s true reason for buying your suits is because they want to look and be successful.

Through this process, you have also essentially developed your own benefit ladder:

  • Product attribute: High quality thread
  • Product benefit: Less wear and tear
  • Customer benefit: Will last longer, so won’t have to buy so many suits
  • Emotional benefit: Trust the suit to last and customer to save money and look and be successful.

Once you have identified your brand’s benefit, then you can use it to market your brand effectively. Your demographic in this example will be striving successful businessmen and women. You may decide that video marketing is the right direction for your business, given that online video makes up more 80% of online traffic. The style of your video should be sophisticated and confident, the more successful you portray yourself and your brand, the more you will reflect your brand’s emotional benefit and connect with your customers.

Once you connect with your customers through an emotional benefit, they will be more loyal to your brand; not because they think you make great products, but because they know you make the great products for them.




Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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