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As the saying goes, ‘knowledge is power’. What do you think is the one thing that people are looking for when they search for your services online? That’s right, information.

When running a business, big or small, the conversation often comes back to the same question: how do you build a reputable brand? A strong brand comes about because of consistency, quality, accessibility, innovation, and expertise in the field. Essentially, the strength of a brand depends on how much consumers can trust it. To generate that trust, you have to engage them, establish your expertise, and provide them with information. Providing online video courses, how-tos videos, and basic lessons for consumers is an innovative and effective way to generate revenue and engage your consumer audience.

1. Educating your Customers

By creating online video content for your audience, not only do you provide the opportunity for your customers to learn about your products or services, but you can learn about your customers by observing how they use your products or services, where they have knowledge gaps, and what improvements they need for a better overall experience. While consumers can find how-to YouTube videos and online blogs that teach with varying degrees of effectivity, there’s no substitute for offering an online course and educational experience specifically designed with your customers in mind.

2. Defining your Brand

Each and every interaction a customer has with your company is an opportunity for you to increase your brand awareness. Likewise, every time you have an interaction with a consumer, they are constantly reviewing what your company provides for them and sometimes that can be a hard thing to handle. By offering online instructional experiences on your web site or though your YouTube channel, you are providing an elevated brand experience and building a trusted and lasting relationship with your client base. It also allows you to pre-determine what how you would like your company to be perceived with minimal room for error.

3. Creating Customer Loyalty

Creating something more than just an FAQ section will help your customers along and provide the confidence to get them up to speed. Explainer videos are great for allowing your consumers to completely utilise your product or service. Customers who actively use and understand your product will provide you with much higher and more frequent dividends than customers who have interest in your product but just can’t figure out how to take full advantage of it.

4. Audience Retention

Our data continues to show that consumer-learning courses lead to significantly higher time on site sessions than typical web users. Learning is a process that requires attention. In most cases, online learners (especially those in the world of consumer learning) are highly motivated and highly engaged. If the advertising is relevant and tastefully delivered, it can be exceptionally powerful.

5. Generating Revenue

While consumer learning can reinforce your brand and serve as a marketing platform, it also can generate revenue streams of its own. How-to courses and online lessons can be sold online to create brand new revenue streams. Consumer audiences are much more comfortable learning online these days, and with multi-million dollar businesses being launched all over the world, the demand for online learning is higher than ever before. Consumer learning solutions allow you to engage your customers and improve your brand while simultaneously providing you with an entirely new profit centre that ties directly into your website.

Now ask yourself. When people find YOUR business online, does it cater for your clients needs or your own?

Imagine now the power that online video can have to position your business as experts in your field. Share your knowledge with potential customers, educate them on their needs, help them solve their problem… and then it’s only a short step to making a sale.

If you want to find out more about how online video can position you as an expert in your field, then give Innovate Media a call.

Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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