Online First Impressions: Making them Count

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How long does it take to make an impression online?

Have you ever thought about how long it takes for you to make a first impression in the online environment? Your online first impression is made in as little as 50ms! Not a lot of time at all. Having video on your website increases the likelihood that you’ll make a positive start and engage a visitor to watch the video.

And so now it’s all about making a great first impression in your video.

How to make a good first impression on video.

Like your website, there’s ways to do things that make a good impression and ways that don’t. If you’re making a video that will be the first thing that people watch, use these questions to make sure you make the best impression from the get go.


  1. Will viewers see people before logo’s and branding?
  2. Will the people they see accurately represent the “feel”, “look” and professionalism of your business?
  3. Will any avatars and thumbnails accurately represent the “feel”, “look” and professionalism of your business?
  4. Will you have all your videos located together and not alongside other videos – such as personal or private videos?
  5. Will there be easy links to your active social media accounts near your videos?
  6. Will the people they see online going to be the people they see offline?
  7. Will they see your video presence regular and growing?

Having a clear strategy for your online video presence is the most important step to ensure you are going to make a great first impression. Adding video without this can either be a waste of time or do more damage than you think.

Why not leave us a comment on what you might have changed after testing your first impression. And be sure to subscribe for more online video tips, tricks and strategy.

Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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