How to Use Your Micro-niche Expertise to Boost Your Online Marketing

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Making an impact online in your area of expertise is NOT about relying on keywords and search phrases. You need to find your micro-niche, make it yours and get busy staking your claim.

History of Micro-niche Marketing:

Micro-niche marketing can sometimes come with a bad reputation. That is because in the not so distant past, it was a tactic used by slimy online marketers to make a quick buck. They would identify key word search terms that had little competition, build a static website stuffed with content for those search phrases and grab the majority of traffic. By grabbing the majority of the traffic, they were able to monetise these sites by selling the advertising space, usually through annoying pop ups and click bait. Ultimately, this was not about people using their micro-niche expertise, it was about people capitalising on underhanded ways to get more traffic to sites.

Today’s Micro-niche Marketing:

It’s important to cover this bit of history because in 2011 Google’s Panda update changed its search algorithms to combat these micro-niche sites. Which isn’t surprising, as these sites were never about providing meaningful solutions to search users. So they drew a digital line in the sand, and severely penalised this approach.

But this is not what using your micro niche expertise to boost online marketing. And again its got to do with the changes Google made to combat micro niche marketing. A core part of that same 2011 update led to Google’s algorithms to now rank sites that meet the categories of Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. What it means in essence is, by creating quality content within your micro-niche expertise area, you are providing Google’s algorithms with the inputs they are looking for. And you can therefore use your micro niche expertise to boost your online marketing. Heres how.

Find your Micro-niche:

First, identify your micro-niche from your expertise. Hit on that one hedgehog concept, but it’s the one thing that you can be the best at. Usually this is something that you can also be passionate about.

Then, after you’ve nailed down your micro-niche area, do some research. Use tools such as Google’s keyword tool, to find keywords and phrases that relate to your micro-niche area. By identifying these, you can create content that includes key terms and phrases to rank your content higher.

Don’t get bogged down focusing on keywords, instead focus on producing content that is engaging, valuable, inspiring and educational for those searching those terms. The key here is to make content for your audience rather than content for your search engine. The awesome thing is that content your audience loves is going to lead to the best result for you in search engines. This is because search algorithms are looking at the engagement your content gets through shares and likes – not just how often a key word or phrase pops up.
Keep in mind it’s all about providing a service because you are a trustworthy expert with authority.

Share Your Online Content:

Finally, distribute and share your content through your social media and online channels. As you build an audience, a subscriber base and community of advocates, it’s only natural you are going to increase your online search ranking.

Its all about a long term game plan, and you’ll no doubt need to adjust your content as you go along. But you’ll be providing content that is valuable. And because it comes from someone who knows what they are talking about, you are creating a catalogue of resources to generate new leads and to engage with those already connected with your brand.

Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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