It’s Time You Rethought Video Search Optimisation

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There is so much data about the value of online video that many businesses are beginning to invest good money in creating video content (here’s but one collection worth looking at). But video content alone is not enough. Your investment (whether it’s time or money) is going to be a waste unless you’ve optimised your content for search.

rethinking video search optimisation.

Search engine optimisation or (SEO) is somewhat a dirty word. And in some respects it deserves to be. Because it’s focus is on creating content that search engines like. There is a fatal flaw in this thinking, because most often SEO doesn’t move beyond loading titles and content with keywords and phrases, and ignoring the user experience (UX). The algorithms of search engines continue to be updated regularly to make sure that the results they are providing are all about the UX. They want their users to find the content they are looking for – not just content loaded with keywords.

Which is why you have to stop thinking about SEO and instead think about Search Optimisation.


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What’s the difference between SEO and Search Optimisation?

Well it should be obvious. You’re cutting out the middle man. A search engine is only the channel through which a user finds the content that they’re looking for. If the user quickly leaves your content after finding it, it’s telling the search engine that this is not what they were looking for. That’s going to have an impact on your rankings.

Make your videos for your ideal customers – not a search engine – and think about how they will be likely to engage with it. This is about thinking strategically, and then applying the right tactics, rather than thinking tactically and hoping it will achieve the right strategy.

You will still need to implement the right tactics to get your content found by search engines. Which is where video SEO does play a role. But considering how we engage with content online these days, it’s very likely you’re content will be found through someone sharing your content as well.

Good content is optimised content.

Once you have good content, then you know that when you use different SEO tactics to help people find that content, they’re going to stay watching.

The Video Search Optimisation Guide not only unpacks more on thinking strategically about video search optimisation. But it also talks tactically about applying the right SEO treatments to your videos on the two biggest online video platforms. YouTube and Facebook. You’ll also see me cover more on these platforms in the next couple of videos, before I cover how to make the most of the increased video streaming services that are available. So be sure you subscribe to the Vlog Pod YouTube channel to stay up to date.

Download the FREE Video Search Optimisation Guide to learn more.

Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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