Live Video Streaming: How to adopt for Business.

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Why you need to consider Live Video Streaming for Business

Live video streaming is a rapidly growing way that content is being created and shared. And there are at least two reasons that you need to consider how you can effectively implement it for your business. One, as I just said, it’s a rapidly growing platform. The end of 2015 into 2016 saw the rise in the use of live streaming as part of video strategy for businesses. There’s a whole range of options out there such as meerkat, periscope, snapchat, blab and facebook live. The appetite for this content is growing and there’s an opportunity to capitalize on that. And two, because it’s live streaming, production only costs you your time. People know it’s video shot in the moment, most likely on your phone. So there aren’t expecting high levels of production. So here are my tips on how to look at incorporating live streaming effectively.

1. Live Video Stream on the Platform that your ideal customers use.

As I already said, there’s a heap of different platforms that you can consider using when it comes to live video streaming. But it best to use the platform where your ideal customers already are. It’s much easier to build an audience on a platform that they’re already using than to get them to sign up to a new platform. Unless of course you’ve already built a strong audience following.

2. Promote your live streaming through your other social channels.

When you’re starting out, you’re going to want to make sure as much of your audience knows that you’re active in the world of live streaming. So you need to look at promoting your live streams through your other channels. Be sure to actively encourage people to follow your live streaming profile so they’ll get updates when you go live. You can use something like the If this then that app to send out posts to your other social when you go live. Check out Digital Marketing Toolkit episode one for more on that. Be sure you fill out all the details the platform let’s to to make it easy for people to find you. Always include the link to your website in your profile as well, so interested people discovering you through your livestream can filter back through to your website.

3. Create the right content for live streaming.

Live streaming content needs to have a level of urgency. The reason you haven’t invested in production is because that would take too long. And it’s too important to get this message out. This means that evergreen content here can be less valuable. It’s all about getting the info to your audience ASAP because they just must have it now. This makes live streaming ideal for doing sneak peaks into products that are being developed. Or giving “inside” information, that’s only going to be available to those willing to jump on and engage. It’s an extra bonus, so make sure it’s valuable. 

4. Live stream at regular times to build audience.

Consistency plays a big part when it comes to building an audience on a live streaming platform. You want to be hitting your audience regularly, at the right time for them, to help them get into the habit of jumping on your live stream. Think about timezones if you’re targeting a particular geographic audience. 

5. Learn from the live streaming experts.

When you choose your platform you are going to want to use the platform to its strengths. This makes it critical to learn a platform to make the most out of it. The best practice to learn the platform is to start following those who use the platform well and adopt the tactics they use that are going to work for you. Begin by engaging with what’s going on before you start to push your own content. However, be sure to set yourself a start date, get started and then refine your content based on what’s working for you.

And of course, use tags and titles well, where you can, as we talked about in the YouTube SEO video.

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But ultimately, good video search optimisation starts with thinking optimisation strategy not tactics. And then good video optimisation tactics are all about using all the tools available on a platform to make you, and your content, as easy to find and follow as possible.

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Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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