Master the Basics of Presenting on Camera.

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These are the 6 basic skills to master to present well on camera.

Whilst you can find specific things to improve each video you create, there are also some basics skills you need to master to really make your presentation pop! Here are my top six basic skills you absolutely need to master.

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1. Have a comfortable grounded position.

I’d recommend standing, with your feet spread about shoulder width apart. Relax your knees and be comfortable. You don’t want to seem all rigid and stiff.What’s important is that you stay grounded as your deliver your script. Don’t swaying about  or shift weight from one foot to the other. This just makes you look unsteady or like you’re standing on a ship out at sea.

2. Have a good neutral position and positive body language.

Generally I’d suggest a position that has your hands in front of you. I like to call this the ‘reporter pose’. But you can have whatever neutral position makes you comfortable and focussed. The benefit of a good neutral position is that you can start each take in this position and it keeps good continuity of your position when you do the edit. Alongside a good neutral you need to make sure you’re using positive body language. No fists or pointing down the camera as this comes across as threatening. Use open handed gestures and be relaxed, like you’re having a conversation with someone.

3. Keep good eye contact.

This seems a bit odd to say as you’re not talking to someone, but, what it means is being comfortable with looking down the camera. This way the viewer does feel like you are talking to them directly. Looking away all the time makes you look shifty and untrustworthy. A teleprompter, which I said last time you should use, will help with keeping you looking down the lens.

4. Bring energy.

When you deliver your presentation you need to have good energy. We’re used to watching emotions overplayed on TV and Film which means we expect it when we’re watching video.  But also, the truth is that energy conveys interest and enthusiasm. If you’re not showing it, then your audience won’t be feeling it.

I like to refer to it as the idea of bringing yourself PLUS about 10%.  Think of how you might be if you were speaking in front of a small crowd of people.

Don’t go over the top. You definitely want to stay authentic and genuine. But you don’t want people going to sleep watching your videos.

5. Know how you’re going to pace and emphasise your scripts.

Good emphasis and pacing are essential to an engaging video delivery. This skill allows you to read your script from a teleprompter, but not sound like you’re reading it. It will definitely help to have rehearsed a few times before, speaking out loud to ensure you get a grasp on how you’re going to deliver. You can even try adding emphasis and pace notations to a print out of your script, which may really help your delivery.

6. Think of a specific person that you’re “talking” to.

When you can visualise a real person that you’re talking to it will make your delivery more natural. So have in mind your ideal client or audience. This helps keep the conversational feel in your videos. You want people watching to feel like you’re talking to them, not at them.

Download the FREE Present Your Business on Camera Guide to learn more.

By implementing these six tips, and following the Presenting Your Business on Camera guide it will take you a long way to improving your presenting.

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Ben Amos
Ben is Creative Director of Innovate Media, Founder of Vlog Pod® and lead video strategist for Engage Video Marketing. He has a passion for online video marketing, telling great stories, spending time with his family and learning new things.
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