Position Yourself as the Leading Advisor in your Local Area and convert leads with regular video content to educate, inform and inspire your target audience.

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You want to be the Advisor that people know and respect as the expert in your field. You know you can help people right now, as well as help them plan for their future. You know building a strong client base is integral to ongoing growth and success.

You know that when it comes to finding an Advisor people have shifted to online. People are looking for an advisor they feel they can trust. Someone they know has the wisdom to navigate them through their current situation and set in place a plan for the future. They’re looking for an experience that makes them feel confident, without having to walk into your office. 

This is why you need a strong digital marketing presence. But there’s a lot of options and choices. It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by the options for digital marketing. You want to start with an effective strategy, but you don’t really know how.

You don’t want to spend time and money learning to become a digital marketer because you’d rather focus on helping your clients achieve success. But you know you can’t ignore the need for digital marketing to be successful.

Which is why you need the Vlog Pod team. We’re all over the most powerful digital strategy you need. A strategy for creating your online profile that showcases your expertise and attracts leads. The market has moved online, and we’re the team to help you join them. Regular video blogging positions you as the expert your customers need, so they come to you first.

  • Together We Plan a Strategy

  • You Present

  • We Produce & Manage

  • You Get New Clients

Convert your experience and local knowledge into engaging video content. Create videos that inform, educate and inspire your customers. Gain market traction and build trust with a strategic video content plan.

A professional video catalogue allows new customers to know, like and trust you. Building a strong emotional connection to you. Allowing them to picture you as their advisor before even meeting you in person.

It’s this powerful strategy that we want to help you tap into. There is a tonne of average video content uploaded online everyday. And so much of it lacks strategic clarity. As well as the tactical know how to rank well. Video content marketing does work. But not if it’s haphazard and unprofessional. Which is why the Vlog Pod Video Blogging Kick Start Package is the best way to begin video content marketing.

Video Blogging will put you ahead of the curve, and now is the time to start. Don’t put it off any longer, enter your email to learn more about starting your video blogging journey today.

With the 12 Week Video Blogging Kick Start Package you get:
  • 2hr online video strategy design session including consultation and development of content strategy & publication schedule
  • Complimentary access to the Vlog Pod Introduction Short Course online
  • Pre-production content (script) reviews
  • 1 x Half-Day (up to 4hr) Vlog Pod studio shoot
  • 12 x 1 min standard edit video blogs (to be released to your audience over 12 weeks)
  • Custom animated logo clip (artwork supplied by client)
  • Custom intro and outro titles used consistently through your content
  • Set-up of your YouTube channel (applying best practice Video SEO techniques)
  • Management of your YouTube channel and Facebook video strategy over the 12 weeks
  • Customised strategy engagement reports from YouTube and Facebook data analytics at the end of your 12 weeks release schedule so you can understand your ROI


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