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If you’ve never video blogged for your business before, then the best way to get the support you need is with the Three Month Kick-Starter Program. It is this ideal combination of Vlog Pod® services that will bring your Video Blog to life, ensuring a maximum return on your investment.


"Having Vlog Pod outline, in easy steps, exactly what was required made the task seem achievable. I needed clear direction and that’s exactly what I got.”

Rachael Yurko - Insurance Works

Package Includes:

  • A three-month video content marketing strategy
  • Content scripting support
  • 12 x 1-minute video blogs filmed in a central Brisbane CBD location (TBA)
  • Setup of your YouTube channel using best practice video SEO techniques.
  • Scheduled publishing and re-posting weekly on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Social Media Analytics and Strategy Review Session at end of three month period.


Total Cost: $4000 (+gst) or four monthly payments of $1000 (+gst)

Step 1: Strategy Design

The Strategy Design process is a creative and collaborative stage. It’s where we get to know you, your business and your audience. From identifying key target markets, to the right video distribution strategy, all bases are covered. From here we then craft your personalised Video Blogging Strategy.

Step 2: Content Production

The Content Production process takes the findings from your Video Blogging Strategy and uses these insights to produce professional Video Blogs. We provide you with best practice scripting tips, and once you have written your Video Blogs we assist you with refining your message. Filming takes place on a specified day, in one 3hr session in our studio setup in a central CBD location (TBA). During filming, our professional crew will be by your side to coach and provide feedback. 

Step 3: Social Media Management

At Vlog Pod, we keep ahead of the crowd when it comes to Social Media Optimisation and Distribution for video. This means that when we manage your Video Blogs on Facebook and/or YouTube, you will see increased engagement with your brand, viewer retention and more click-throughs to your website. Finally, we report back to you with the metrics that matter so you can measure your ROI.

Video Blogging Kick-Starter Program

Schedule Program
Week 1 Strategy Design and Participant Onboarding

In week one, your Video Blogging Strategy will be created in collaboration with our expert team. You will also be provided with valuable resources to support the scripting and filming process.

Week 2 – 3 Content Production Begins

In weeks 2-3, you will use our scripting resources to write your 12 Video Blogs. Video Blogging experts from the Vlog Pod will be on hand to review your scripts and provide any suggested changes.

Week 4 Lights, Camera Action!

In week four, we will film your Video Blogs during a single three-hour shoot in a central CBD location (TBA). The shoot will include a greenscreen studio set-up, with the aid of a teleprompter so you never skip a line from your script! Our experienced production operators will be by your side to help guide you through the filming process.

Week 5- 6 Video Editing

Between weeks 5-6, our experienced video editors will bring your Video Blogs to life. You will be able to review each video, and provide feedback before the final Video Blogs are created.

 Week 7 – 20 Content Management

In week 7 – 20, your video blogs will be published weekly to your Facebook and YouTube channels using best practice SEO and content management methods to increase your audience reach.

Week 20 Video Blogging Strategy Review

Once all Video Blogs have been published on Social Media, we will report back to you on the metrics that matter, so you can measure the increased engagement with your business. We will provide you with any further insight into your target market and segmentation, as well as improved content strategies to further grow your Social Media Channels.

What out Clients Say about Working With Us

  • The guys at Vlog Pod are brilliant at what they do - producing excellent video content for businesses. Ben created a great brand story video for my business which helps me to connect with prospective clients in a way that printed marketing material could never do.

    Paul Malia
    Paul Malia
  • Ben and his team really know their stuff. They are the first people I recommend to my clients who are trying to grow their brand, improve their digital presence and just generally make their business more profitable. Video marketing works and these guys are very good at it.

    Mark Hudson
    Mark Hudson
  • Having Vlog Pod outline in easy steps exactly what was required, made the task seem achievable.  I needed clear direction and that’s exactly what I got. 

    Rachael Yurko
    Rachael Yurko
  • Absolutely I would recommend the Vlog Pod to any business. The beautiful thing about video is that by the time I get to an appraisal generally the client has already watched at least three of our videos, and they feel like they already know me!

    Kylie Best
    Kylie Best
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